¡ Low Season Price until December 2020 !

HIGH SEASON 202016.12.2020 - 03.01.2021
1 Noche2 Noches3 Noches4 Noches
1 o 2 PeopleS./ 415,00S./ 370,00S./ 350,00S./ 325,00
3 PeopleS./ 500,00S./ 450,00S./ 400,00S./ 380,00
4 PeopleS./ 600,00S./ 550,00S./ 500,00S./ 480,00
5 PeopleS./ 680,00S./ 630,00S./ 600,00S./ 580,00
Prices are per night
LOW SEASON 202001.07.2020 - 15.12.2020
1 Noche2 Noches3 Noches4 Noches
1 o 2 PersonasS./ 300,00S./ 250,00S./ 220,00S./ 200,00
3 PersonasS./ 400,00S./ 350,00S./ 320,00S./ 300,00
4 PersonasS./ 500,00S./ 450,00S./ 420,00S./ 400,00
5 PersonasS./ 550,00S./ 500,00S./ 450,00S./ 420,00
Prices are per night

We have only three cabins. To confirm the reservation a security deposit equivalent to 30% of the total amount of the reservation must be made (no longer 50% as previously). It can be by local transfer or if it is international according to the agreed method. Any reservation that does not have a 30% deposit will be considered as unconfirmed.

(*) The transfer can be in Nuevos Soles or the exchange rate of the day in American Dollars (USD) The interbank commission is a buyer’s charge
(**) In this case, the commission charged by the financial institution (4%) could be added to the total cost


Children under 5 years do not pay if they do not use any additional bed and share the one of their parents.
Complimentary breakfast is included.
When using an extra bed on the part of the guests, the full rate will be calculated (for example, two parents and a child under the age of six who use two beds, one double and one single, the rate will be calculated for three people)


Considering the recent events in case of canceling a reservation, the rescheduling of the reservation dates will be accepted without any charge. In case of definitive cancellation, the non-refund of the security deposit will be applied, which is not refundable.


Considering recent events, no date change fee applies (subject to availability)


Pets (dogs and cats) are welcome at Mamaq Tambo Lodge but availability is subject to consultation.